Engineering / Project Management


With more wells reaching the end of their economic life the need for abandonments is growing. Horizon’s abandonment team is experienced in all aspects of abandonments including many different down hole problems and capping vent flows. We will abandon your wells in an economic operation and ensure they meet all existing abandonment legislation. We are able to provide but not limited to:

  • Project management supervision and coordination of operations
  • Detailed cost estimates for AFE proposal
  • Quotations of third party services
  • Analysis of well file information
  • Abandonment programs
  • Bidding and contract services
  • Well-site supervision
  • Capping vent flows
  • Field reporting system
  • Daily abandonment reports
  • End of well summary reports
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Post well synopsis

Prior to commencing the abandonment operation, Horizon’s management team will review all well information to ensure there are no other alternate productive formations and verify the information with your geological and engineering staff. Our team also endeavors to maximize your salvage value, ensure all vent flows are capped and government approvals were obtained.