Engineering / Project Management

Production Optimization:

Horizon can supply you with skilled production operation professionals who will work with you through the preliminary development, assessment and plan practical solutions to optimize your production and equipment. Our production personnel can perform economic analysis of drilling, completion, workover or facility installation proposals, multiphase flow performance analysis and cost estimates for AFE preparation. Our technical team will ensure projects are completed on time and on budget in accordance with all current industry regulations and standards.

If you require a production operations manager for a specific project or well production optimization specialist please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Horizon’s management team maintains a close relationship with the field operators so they may optimize well productivity to ultimately increase cash flow by maximizing flows and pumping efficiencies; and react to down-time in a timely manner. Our team will ensure maintenance schedules are met, faulty equipment replaced and new equipment properly sized. They can also identify potential workover, re-completion and by-pass pay candidates.