Health, Safety & Environment Management Program Policy

This corporation, employees and consultants will work together to manage risk by:

  • Recognizing that responsible health, safety and environmental care can prevent all accidents, and that our families also share this vision.
  • Complying with our internal standards, customer needs as well as applicable acts and regulations.
  • Taking all reasonable and practicable measures needed to prevent losses to our people, equipment or surroundings.
  • Pre-planning both routine and non-routine work.
  • Focusing on hazard identification, assessment and control on a daily basis.
  • Ensuring effective inspection and investigation program are ongoing.
  • Ensuring meaningful training and communications systems are in place.
  • Providing properly maintained equipment and protective gear that is readily available and properly used.
  • Coaching and monitoring daily performance.
  • Reviewing and measuring this management system to ensure that we are diligently meeting, or exceeding our internal goals and regulatory obligations.
  • Striving to make these policies and standards an integral part of our normal daily operations.

Horizon Resource Management Ltd.
September, 2005

George Samaha
Jonathan Kuhn